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A first and rare sighting with
As You Like It Safaris!


Driver and guide, Dedan, with Canadian client Leslie Hall, spotted this rarely seen PANGOLIN! Click Leslie's photo to see information and more of Leslie's pictures of this unique animal.

Vivien Prince, Founder of As You Like It Safaris, was ecstatic when the real thrill of safari was right over her head! In 2014 this happy bank of photographers enjoyed the Cheetah's trust


Vivien Prince, founder of As You Like It Safaris Cheetah sits in jeep Cheetah face

September 7 to September 19, 2015

lion cubs on photo safari elephant herd on photo safari cheetah on photo safari zebras on photo safari
Photos courtesy of Theodore Mattas

Theodore Mattas is an award-winning wildlife photographer, based in Greece. His images have been published in major international nature magazines, books, calendars and also used for educational purpose in schools and universities throughout the world.

Theodore is focused exclusively on African wildlife and runs every year wildlife photo workshops in East and South Africa both for novice and experienced photographers. His style of photography excels in emotion and behavior display....elements that describe the complex nature of the animal kingdom in all its glory! As Theodore frequently says...."the co-existence of order and chaos in wildlife photography is what really makes it extremely challenging and interesting"....so he teaches his safari students how to "marry" those elements in a compelling way!

Theodore is 39 years old, married to an elementary school teacher, with a beautiful young daughter, and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. For questions and inquiries regarding your upcoming photographing safari in Kenya (photographic equipment needed, transport tips....etc) you can find him at teomattas@yahoo.com, and vivprince@asyoulikeitsafaris.com.

Zebraselephantshyenas fighting
impalaslioness and cub
Photos courtesy of Theodore Mattas

You don't want to miss this Special Safari with multiple award winning photographer,
Theodore Mattas! Click here for the itinerary and more information.

Here is a testimonial from Panos Laskarakis, who went on this safari with us in September:

"The adventure trip in Kenya was fantastic. Everything was perfect with the super highlight to be the migration of the wildebeest and zebras crossing Masai Mara river! We were on time for this unique phenomenon of Africa. Our guide Theodore Mattas was very good coordinator in order to see the migration and their advices on the photography made us to see Africa with the best view. It was my best experience in east Africa and I would like definitely come back with As You Like It Safaris. You can see photos from the trip here and here.
Thank you very much, Panos Laskarakis, panoslaskarakis.com


Mount Kenya is a majestic African mountain, rising 5,199 meters (17,057 ft) above sea level to a snow clad peak. It's a never to be forgotten sight, and one we are proud to share with our guests in association with the experienced mountaineers of the Climb Kenya and Conservation Youth Self-Help Group. You can read more about Mt Kenya here.

Mount Kenya can be climbed by any normal healthy person. The most reliable weather for climbing is between late December and late March and from mid-July to late September. We offer guided treks of 1-7 days, offering something for everyone from casual walkers to accomplished climbers. Click here to see a sample itinerary.

Beautiful Mt. Kenya Climb Mt. KenyaSimon MutuaAt the top of Mt Kenya

Ballroom dancing safariBallroom dancing safari

with ballroom champion and teacher,
Norbert Schmidt

Is ballroom dancing your passion? Or something you always wanted to do well? Have you also always wanted to go on safari? Or stay at a magnificent beach? You can have all of this! We are offering an opportunity for you to spend fourteen days with the Master of Ballroom Dancing, Norbert Schmidt, while on Safari! Click here to see the itinerary.

During this safari you will visit the best of Kenya, including:

"The Big 5"

African Big 5 elephant Elephant
African Big 5 black rhinoceros Black rhinoceros
African Big 5 African Cape buffalo African Cape buffalo
African Bit 5 lion Lion
African Big 5 leopard Leopard

Vivien PrinceBespoke East African Safaris: We are different. Personal care and attention by courteous, well-trained Directors adds to the outstanding service, warmth and hospitality of the Kenyan people. We operate a highly professional safari company, and pride ourselves with attention to detail, and a guarantee to deliver what is promised. Work with us and you will not be disappointed. From luxury safaris, to climbing Mt Kenya or Kilimanjaro, we have the people to guide you. You will work directly with your Kenyan Tour Operator. Vivien can be reached in the United States through her email vivprince@asyoulikeitsafaris.com

Hope Streams Academy kids dance with visitor
Hope Streams students


AS YOU LIKE IT SAFARIS is a unique safari operator covering Kenya and all of East Africa. Unlike some of our rivals, we don't run to a pre-arranged schedule: we'll tailor every detail of your safari holiday to make sure you have the adventure of your life among the incredible animals and landscapes of Africa. Click here to read some testimonials from satisfied visitors.

We can help you decide how to make the best of your visit, but what's most important to us is that you get what you want from your vacation. You'll be free to choose how you fill each day, whether you want to...